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Do I need to pay a deposit?

We take a pre-authorization for all rentals. The owner of the vehicle is entrusting you with one of their most prized possessions, so we have to have a certain amount pre-authorised on your account in order to cover any additional charges you may incur (mileage, fuel, etc.).

This pre-authorization of €400 or €600 (depending of the car) is activated at least 72 hours prior to the start of the rental period and will be charged to the card used to pay for the rental, which, as a reminder, must belong to the person in whose name the agreement has been taken out and the main driver.

This transaction will then be cancelled a few days after the end of the rental period, provided that everything is as it should be, and the associated amount will be available to spend again within 10 days (on average, with time frames varying depending on the bank).

Please note that whilst some banks, and online banks in particular, introduce a debit line for this transaction for the sake of convenience, we do NOT deduct this amount; it is simply ‘held’ by your bank (pending any payment order that we may need to issue for the famous additional fees referred to above).

If your rental lasts more than 5 days, the renewal of this transaction might appear as a new one on your bank statement, but no worries, this amount is only rendered unavailable once.


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