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What does peer-to-peer car hire involve? Basically, it’s easier, it’s closer and it’s cheaper!

OuiCar has been the leading peer-to-peer rental site since 2007, offering over 30,000 private vehicles for hire throughout France.

Cars have traditionally been hired from a company, via a rental agency. In the case of peer-to-peer car hire, you’re not hiring a vehicle from a fleet belonging to a company but rather from a private individual who is willing to hire out their own vehicle, offering a solution that is not only more flexible but also more pleasant, local and, above all, cheaper! The service already has nearly 1 million satisfied members!

The idea is simple: You need a car, you search for cars in your local area, you book online, you arrange a time with the owner to pick up the keys and you're away!

Visit our How it Works page for details of the various stages involved in peer-to-peer car hire.

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