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Can I offer my car to be rented on OuiCar?

You can offer your car for rental, provided it meets the following conditions:

The registration document ("Carte grise") must be in your own name;
Your car must have a minimum of a third-party insurance policy already in place;
Your car must be registered and located in Metropolitan France.
Also ensure that your car complies with all legislative requirements, is in good working order, and that it has recently been checked by a mechanic. The hirer will check the Contrôle Technique roadworthiness certificate at the start of each rental. The OuiCar Service may also ask you to demonstrate that your vehicle's Contrôle Technique and service history are up-to-date.

Also consider providing renters with your vehicle's service history at the start of the rental to give them confidence that your car is in good condition.

The insurance policy excludes the following vehicles:

Sports or luxury cars with a value of more than €50,000 or with a fiscal horsepower rating of 14CV or above;
Motorcycles and scooters;
Vans of more than 3.5 tonnes;
Vehicles with more than nine seats;
Vehicles not covered by a minimum of an annual third-party insurance policy, over and above the insurance offered by OuiCar;
Intended for use for the public transportation of goods or passengers;
Vehicles that are sub-rented by a renter;
"Voitures sans permis" (Vehicles designed to be driven without the need for a driving licence).

Once all conditions are met, all vehicles booked via the OuiCar website automatically benefit from our insurance coverage, which is included in the rental rate. As an owner, there are no steps for you to take with regard to your own insurer, and neither your personal car insurance policy or your no claims bonus will be affected.

For full details about our insurance, go to the "Insurance" section.

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