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Benefits of the "Excess Reduction" option

When paying for the booking, renters have the option of selecting the "Excess Reduction" option, which is available for €7 per rental day.

By selecting the "Excess Reduction" option, you will reduce the amount of the insurance excess for which you are liable in the event of damage: for €7 per rental day, the excess is reduced to €250 instead of €1,000.

The excess reduction applies to accidents, which are defined as any material damage suffered by the vehicle under hire by the insured following a collision, hitting a fixed or mobile object or as a result of leaving the road during the indemnity period. Parking accidents without an identified third party are excluded.

It should be noted that, in the event that your rental is extended, your original selection will also be extended automatically: if you had chosen to buy the excess reduction for your rental, this option will automatically be included in your request to extend the rental. Conversely, if you have not selected the excess reduction option, you will not be able to add it when requesting an extension to the rental.

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