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How to proceed to the key handover for a successful rental?

We advise you to confirm the meeting with the owner 24 to 48h in advance, especially if the rental was booked several weeks in advance.

The owner furnishes the required documents in order for the rental to go well:

- either he prints two copies of the rental agreement and the AXA insurance attestation

- either he fills the digital contract with you, which you will receive by email in PDF.

We suggest you print the damage report before your first rental and bring it at the end of every rental. This way you have it in case you need it.

The owner has to bring a copy of registration and annual insurance attestation (green card). These documents must be given to the renter so he can have them in the event of a traffic control.

The owner also has to show the updated technical control to the renter and proceed to monitoring regarding the vehicle and security equipment.

The renter (owner of the OuiCar account) must show the original version and give a copy of his driver licence to the owner, or take a picture of it when filling the digital version of the contract. Careful, he is the only person responsible for returning the vehicle.

The owner must make sure the information on the pre filled contract are accurate and that the renter is at least 18 years old and has a driver licence valid on French territory for a least 3 years. Careful : For extra European driver licences, additional documents are required. In case of additional drivers, they must meet the same criteria and show the same documents as the main driver.

In case of failure to do so, please contact us to proceed to cancellation of the contract since the rental wouldn’t be covered by insurance.

After checking the documents, it is mandatory to proceed to a full monitoring of the vehicle for at least 10 minutes. Make sure you take pictures if you can. Take note of the gas and mileage counter. Finally, sign the contract and keep a copy of it. If you chose the digital version of the contract, you will both receive a version of it by email. The contract serves as proof in case of litigation, it is therefore important to be rigorous at every step and that each party has a version of the contract filled and signed.

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