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What happens in case of incident?

In case of incident involving a third party, you first need to fill the damage report on both sides with the other party involved.

If the incident does not involve a third party, all you have to do is fill the document named “damage report” enclosed to the contract with the owner when returning the vehicle.

In any case, warn the owner immediately so he is aware of the situation.

Important : In case of incident, you automatically beneficiate from the 24/7 assistance, 0km (included for France, optional for certain countries). The assistance is available on 04 26 73 79 36.

You have 5 days to send to OuiCar the following documents:

- The filled and signed damage report

- The accident report (both sides) in case of third party involved

- Pictures of the damage

- A copy of the rental agreement filled and signed when taking and returning the vehicle

- A copy of the car registration

- A copy of the annual insurance attestation of the car

- A copy of the latest technical control of the car

- A copy (both sides) of all the renter’s driver licence, as well as a copy of the residence permit and international driver licence for licences obtained outside of Europe, and the multi drivers document if several drivers are involved.

Careful : On the damage report, you have to state the OuiCar SAS insurance number and not the owner’s insurance (see insurance attestation furnished with the rental agreement).

It is required to keep all the original documents in case the insurance asks for them (especially the damage report).

The documents are to be sent by email at or by mail to the following address :


Service Assurance

9 rue du 4 Septembre

75002 PARIS

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