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How to extend the rental?

The renter must use the OuiCar platform to extend a rental, and do so before the period of origin is over.

First of all, strictly follow the procedure described below. Don’t ever accept to extend « tacitly », you must do it on the website or the application (iPhone or Android), or else the rental wouldn’t be insured.

Careful, it is only possible to extend once the rental has started. In order to send an extension request :

- Go on the area dedicated to chat between owner and renter « I Chat »

- Contact the owner to confirm with him the availability of his car

- Then, from the booking page of your ongoing rental, click on the « Extend « button and proceed to payment online for the additional days you want.

The owner receives the extension request by email, SMS, and push notification. He has to accept the extension request in order for it to be effective.

It is not necessary to re-print the contract, all there is to do is check the relevant box when returning the car, and enter the effective date of return.

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