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What to do if the vehicle breaks down?

The 0 km assistance is included for all vehicles in France via our partner OPTEVEN, and in the authorized countries via a paying option for certain countries abroad (find out more HERE). However, for all vehicles over 10 years old, management fees of 90€ will be charged by OuiCar in case the assistance intervenes.

The assistance service number is 04 26 73 70 36.

In any case, make sure you warn the owner immediatly.

The assistance takes the vehicle to the nearest garage (with a maximum of 200 euros) and takes the renter back to where he came from, or to his final destination by Taxi, train (second class) or plane (economic class) if the reparations can’t be done immediatly (see our insurance conditions).

The assistance also handles the transportation of the owner back to his repaired vehicle.

Precision : In case of breakdown during rental, the owner remains responsible for the fees related to the reparation of the car, except in the event an expert determines the degradations resulted from an irregular use of the vehicle by the renter.

In order to travel safely, the renter has the possibility to subscribe to additional assistance options. Click here for more informations on insurance options and assistance intervention : Complementary insurance and assistance options.

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