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What happens in case of ticket?

When the renter commits a traffic violation, as the owner of the vehicle, you receive the ticket at your home. No worries, everything is planned!

If it is a French contravention, you must not pay the fine in which case you will deprive the renter of his right to challenge. You only need to complete the request for an exemption with the renter’s information (which is included in the rental agreement) and return it to the competent authorities by registered mail. You can attach a copy of the completed and signed rental agreement for evidence. The ticket will then be returned to the renter for payment of the fine and possible point withdrawal. The challenge can also be done online:

If it is a foreign ticket If a challenge is possible (a document to that effect will be attached to the ticket), the same procedure as the preceding paragraph. If this is not the case, you will only have to pay the fine according to the instructions on the ticket. Upon delivery of the contract and the ticket, the amount of the fine will be taken from the renter and returned to the owner to ensure payment of the fine.

In accordance with the general conditions of use of the site ouicar, any contravention, French or foreign is subject to a penalty: a penalty of €15 will be levied on the renter, of which €10 will go to the owner and €5 to Ouicar for management fees. In any case, for the collection of the stated fees, you must send to Customer Service Ouicar via the contact form:

- a copy of the completed and signed rental agreement

- a copy of the ticket stating the date and time of the offence

Note that in the absence of these documents, it is impossible for the renter to collect them. Similarly, the payment of the owner can only be made through Ouicar if the renter’s account allows it.

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