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What benefits does OuiCar Connect rental offer?

OuiCar Connect rental has been designed with the mutual interests of owners and renters in mind.

Thanks to OuiCar Connect technology and our mobile app, OuiCar makes the entire rental process easier, including pre- and post-rental checks, locking/unlocking doors, starting the car using your smartphone and the sending of agreements in PDF format by e-mail. What’s more, our technology even works in car parks! 

The owner no longer has to be present when the renter picks up the keys or when performing pre- and post-rental checks, meaning they can accept hire requests even if they, themselves, are unavailable!

This gives the renter a better chance of finding an available vehicle, even if the owner is at work, on holiday or spending time with their family!  The owner also increases both their rental frequency and their income without having to go out of their way.


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