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The advantages of Instant Booking

As an owner, Instant Booking makes your life easier! You no longer have to deal with numerous rental requests, text messages and questions and answers, and you no longer have to accept rentals before tenants pay. With instant booking it's automatic!

This feature also allows you to receive only those reservations that match your criteria. No more wasted time and you can have customized rentals!

You can specify your availability times, the minimum time between 2 rentals or the duration and the minimum / maximum mileage desired.

At the end of the day

Many more rentals: perhaps you have already seen a tenant cancel his request when you had accepted it? That's because another owner has accepted it before you. With instant booking, requests are automatically pre-accepted and paid for. You can't miss them anymore!

Convenience and time saving: you rent your car without having to sort or respond to each tenant's request, the reservation and payment are done instantly according to the rental conditions you set.

Visibility: Renters prefer instant booking because they don't have to wait for your response to plan their stay. This feature will allow you a higher rank in search results, and generate more rentals!

Freedom: you keep time for yourself while making money.

With less management, you increase your visibility, your rentals and therefore your income!

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